Online Training
Dec 2017

How Online Training Benefited Students

by Manoj Yasaswi in Blog, Viewpoint category

Online Training- The word that revolutionized the entire education sector in Today’s World. It took the today’s world by storm by creating a massive change in current education Scenario.With the Advent of Online Trainings, Now everyone was looking towards it as it eases the way of Learning by curtailing the Transport, Time, Stress, effort. It helps us learn the things at any time, anywhere from one’s own comfort.It even creates a conducive environment without creating any disturbance for learning.


Online Training is generally designed to instruct, guide, train the people about a particular course in which one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many interaction is possible by creating a virtual environment. It mainly involves the instructor/trainer teaches the necessary things for a particular topic like content, material, notes to all the students/trainees through a virtual medium(creating a network through a well-established internet connection to all the students). It provides students the best platform for better interactions between instructor and students in solving queries, taking feedbacks tests, quizzes, discussions, chats were part of this online training that enhance the quality of education. This self-paced learning can be aimed at completing the particular course gradually or even at one go(through recorded versions).


1) Easy Access:

These online trainings were particularly aimed at easy accessing the things in every nook and corner of the world with just internet connection is sufficient with no transport needed.

2) Convenient & Flexibility to learners:

It helps the learners to study at their own comfort without bothering much about the time.The courses were available around the clock that enables the learner to learn the things whenever convenient for them.

3) Effective time utilization:

It curtails the transport time, other time killing exercises by allowing the learner to learn everything without leaving the home.

4) Quality:

These online trainings enhance the quality as it doesn’t involve any disturbances, time-killing exercises.

5) Up to date content:

Since it involves the virtual environment, the instructor at any point in time can update the things based on the requirements of the course that enables the learner to accustom to the corresponding things.

6) Low cost:

It involves low cost as it doesn’t require any transport, infrastructure for training.