How to Crack CAT
Dec 2017

How to Crack CAT

by Manoj Yasaswi in Blog, Viewpoint category

CAT-COMMON ADMISSION TEST is one of the world’s toughest entrance exam in INDIA. It is the most popular and competitive MBA entrance exam that paves way for the prestigious INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (IIM’S) in INDIA. Cracking the CAT is a herculean & arduous task unless one should have a strong passion, burning desire, utmost dedication to bell it. So one should be confident enough besides hard work in order to aim it, As generally lakhs of students may compete that involves cut-throat competition. One should devise a novel strategy that aims at outsmarting the other competitors in order to crack it. An effective & efficient preparation strategy is needed to ace the CAT.

Before embarking on the preparation strategy one needs to be completely aware of the syllabus, pattern, type of questions to be asked to get a complete picture of the CAT.

CAT Analysis:
Since CAT is the toughest exam to bell, one need to completely aware of their own strengths&weaknesses based on the Sections involved in CAT.There are generally 3 sections involved in CAT. One needn’t be perfect on all the topics instead one should achieve proficiency in limited topics in order to bell the CAT.
1) Quantitative Aptitude(QA)
2) Data Interpretation& Logical Reasoning(DILR)
3) Verbal Ability&Reading Comprehension(VARC)

Preparing an action plan:
One should prepare an action plan based on their own strengths & weaknesses on all the 3 sections involved in the CAT. Based on that one should put their best endeavor to get clear of all the concepts.In CAT, grasping concepts is more important than solving the tests. Then only one should think of writing the mock tests.

One should keep the following things in mind while following all the 3 sections.

1) Quantitative Aptitude
One need to have 100% concept clarity in order to crack this section.Unless having concepts clarity, one shouldn’t clear this section.Fundamental concepts should be very clear in attempting this section.Once concepts were clear then one should aim for practice tests, mock tests in order to gain perfection in this section.

2) DILR:
This section should be solved by keep on practicing.It shouldn’t be achieved overnight.One should be having strong calculation skills, ability to interpret and analyze the data. The proficiency in this section should be achieved by exposing to different types of questions, analyzing each and every choice that suits a perfect
question.This enables us to understand the problem better. When it comes to logical Reasoning, One should start this section by solving simpler puzzles and then start doing some complicated puzzles. This enables us how we were approaching towards the problem & what tricks should be applied in order to solve it.

3) VARC:
It is the trickiest portion of CAT paper As it involves English grammar, Reading comprehension & vocabulary. One needs to be excellent in vocabulary in order to bell the CAT. It shouldn’t be done overnight, it should be a gradual phenomenon.One should read English newspapers, Magazines, Novels in order to gain perfection in it. When it comes to Reading comprehension, one should be having an in-depth understanding of the comprehension. It should be achieved by keep on practicing the comprehensions from scratch.

Practice makes man perfect. There is no substitute for hard work. So one should keep on practicing the things on a regular basis to get an edge over other competitors. One should revise the concepts and write practice tests to gauge their preparation levels. One should devote more hours to their preparation keeping cut-throat competition in mind.



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